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TEE 141201-141205 
TEE 141201-141205
2014.12.01 Mon.
Fool's gold: the losers from cheap oil
Brent crude will start the day at around $70 a barrel: (n.) oil as it exists in the ground
ample (a.) enough or more than enough

Cyber Monday: an unlikely nativity tale
a rather implausible nativity story is widely told.: (a.) not believable or realistic
before broadband connections (寬頻網路) were widespread,: (a.)寬頻的,多頻的
Cyber Monday was the later invention of marketing evangelist.: (n.) a preacher; someone who talks about something with great enthusiasm
America's biggest online-shopping day each year has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.: (n.)prediction
marketers push dodgy stories: (a.)false or dishonest

2014.12.02 Tue.
Abe's appeal: Japan's election campaign
Voters are hardly gripped by the approaching poll, because the result looks certain: victory for Shinzo Abe.: (vt.) to get and hold the interest or attention of (someone)
Yet the margin of Mr Abe's victory matters.: (n.) an extra amount of something

Recognising Palestine: a vote in France
the pro-Palestinian diplomatic bandwagon rolls into Paris.: (n.) a usually ornate and high wagon; a popular party, faction, or cause that attracts growing support
National Assembly in France
House of Commons in Britain
Cortés in Spain
the French vote is not binding.: (a.) imposing an obligation
European countries are dismayed by moribund peace: (a.) being in the state of dying
relentless (a.) continuing without becoming weaker
giving Palestinians diplomatic support might forestall a looming Palestinian uprising.: (a.) loom(v.) seem about to happen

2014.12.03 Wed.
Cui bono? The winners from cheap oil
Cui bono?: to whose advantage?
The IMF reckons advanced economies can expect a GDP boost of 0.8% if oil price declines by 30%.: (vt.) to think/suppose
European countries menaced by oil-rich Russia may be sanguine about its economic troubles.:
menace (vt.) to threaten harm to (someone or something)
sanguine (a.)confident and hopeful

2014.12.04 Thur.
We have lift-off: NASA gets back in the game
there are no last-minute glitches: (n.) an unexpected and usually minor problem (machine/device)
making America embarrassingly reliant on Russia to carry its astronauts: (a.) dependent
So although this test flight will be uncrewed, much is riding on Orion.

Car-sharing: rent today, buy tomorrow?
carmakers are keen to get in on the act.

2014.12.05 Fri.
The long and the short of America's job market
short-term unemployment was 3..9% in October, just above its pre-recession trough of 3.6%.: (n.) a period in which there is little economic activity and prices are usually low 蕭條期