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TEE 1120,21,24 
The Economist Espresso 11/20,21,24

11/20 Thurs.
A ballooning crisis: Takata's faulty airbags

No fuel for inflation: America's economy
1. hand-wringing (n.) worried talk or behavior; 絕望,歇斯底里的狀態 (a.)絕望的
2. drag (n.) someone or something that makes action or progress slower or more difficult; 阻力
3. slack (a.) not stretched or held in a tight position
4. slip (v.) to move with a smooth sliding motion

11/21 Fri.
Box-office games: films in China
1. censorship (n.) the system or practice of censoring books, movies, letters, etc.
2. totalitarian (n.) controlling the people of a country in a very strict way with complete power that cannot be opposed
3. officials hope to stop foreign films trouncing domestic productions: (vt.) to defeat (someone or something) easily and thoroughly
4. take on (v.) to contend with as an opponent; 接受挑戰
5. authoritarian (n.) expecting or requiring people to obey rules or laws : not allowing personal freedom
6. baddie (n.) a bad person in a book, movie, etc.
7. take (n.) the amount of money received
8. "Interstellar", a science-fiction epic, has made a sparkling start, earning $42m in its first five days.

Waiting for the jury: the Michael Brown shooting
1. whether to indict Darren Wilson, the white policeman who killed him: (vt.) to charge with a crime by the finding or presentment of a jury
2. an imbalance that has made this poor mid-Western city a fulcrum of racial tension: (n.)支點 the support on which a lever moves when it is used to lift something

11/24 Mon.
Double take: Huawei's smart glasses
1. The company went quiet about its pioneering head-mounted(頭戴式) computer after it became a byword for intrusion: (n.) someone or something that is closely connected with a particular quality
2. sport (vt.) to wear (something) in a way that attracts attention
3. surveillance (n.) close watch kept over someone or something
4. citizens worry about fall foul of capricious and corrupt officials. 與...發生衝突,爭吵
5. bureaucrat (n.)官僚主義者
6. drivers use dashboard cameras to make it harder fo traffic police to shake them down: 和諧相處

Judgement day: taming Iran's nuclear programme
1. recrimination (n.) an angry statement in which you accuse or criticize a person who has accused or criticized you
2. interlocutor (n.) one who takes part in dialogue or conversation